In the fifth and final of our live, daily podcasts from the Underbelly in Edinburgh [be patient, it’s on its technological way], we had our first almost lethally hot one, with sweat dripping down the walls of the Belly Laugh almost as if solely to prove that some cliches are true. Although it is Sunday and thus there is no news in the newpapers, we managed to extract something out of News Of The World‘s Kerry Katona video, the travails of Danielle Lloyd and Michael Jackson’s Frankenchildren, while – as has become tradition in Edinburgh – lightly and affectionately insulting anyone in the front row. Thanks to Tony, who gave us the alcoholic ginger beer [pictured by Gordon, above]; the band The Smoking Rolo Sideshow, who gave us the big box of 60 Stinger chews, which we handed out as if it was Sunday school; and our unofficial photographer Gordon, who gave us the Green Party rosettes. Incidentally, we remain filthily sponsored by Profanity App, whose sales have dipped a little, but I’m sure you can remedy that. Incidentally – this podcast is about 5 seconds shorter than normal, not because of a glitch caused by rivulets of sweat dripping into the laptop, but because, as you’ll hear, I was legally bound to remove a certain untrue claims that Richard kept repeating just so that I would have to come back to the flat and painstakingly remove it. Here’s the front row in full, complete with empty chair (how did that happen? we sold out the whole run?) …

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