Two potato

Hats off to Jonny for making this new-fangled video tape recording of the Tempting Tattie happening. Even though there’s one more live Edinburgh podcast to go tomorrow, today’s “flash-pot”, as I’m stupidly calling it, felt like a climax of sorts: good people doing a good thing in honour of an independent local trader and some high quality carbohydrates, and some of them buying my audiobook. Incidentally, the reason I left before the end was that Paul “The Cat” Johnston whisked me off to interview me for the Kirkcaldy hospital radio network where he has a Sunday show (which involved my first ever drive across the Forth Bridge, which is exciting): Victoria Radio Network. Here is some stationery photographic evidence:

And here is a late picture just in from Gordon Hodgson: some signatures in a book neither Richard nor I actually wrote (although I like to think I have sold many, many copies of):



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