In the fourth of our live, daily podcasts from the Underbelly in Edinburgh, we reach a new level of surreal whimsy and timewasting as the enormity of the task really starts to sink in. But what a tremendous audience, especially Colin from Arbroath with all his “highers”, whatever they are. We discuss, among other issues, the lack of fanfare for the countdown to the apocalypse ie. when we all have to use energy-efficient lightbulbs to appease some killjoys in Brussels (as noticed exclusively by the Daily Mail) and the fact that some animals ride on other animals’ backs. I also allow Richard to roadtest his Beckett-style play for the Fringe 2010 about the Mars Bar. This podcast is possibly a modern classic, possibly complete toss, but it certainly led to a truly phenomenal “happening” outside the Tempting Tattie, where 100 or so people queued to get their jacket potato, thus “breaking” the establishment twice. Thanks to all who took and posted pics via Twitter. Incidentally, we remain almost-lucratively sponsored by Profanity App, which is selling like hot apps.

Underbelly queue photo with view of the Ladies: Gordon Hodgson


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