Garlic bread

In the third of our live, daily podcasts from the Underbelly in Edinburgh, we attempt to build bridges with our audience by testing their memory of key cultural signifiers (well, one bloke in the front row anyway, who had the memory of Mr Memory out of The 39 Steps); we also discuss the unfolding tragedy of Kerry Katona, the unfolding mystery of South African “hermathlete” Caster Semenya, the incredible journeys of a goldfish called Pooh and a giant tortoise called Zeus, and the majesty of Peter Key. We also experience what it’s like when Richard is on fire, while remaining almost-lucratively sponsored by Profanity App. I feel we should apologise to the proprietor of the Tempting Tattie, was sadly overworked when we took the audience to his emporium after the show, as he had no other staff behind the counter. This was a very strange podcast, with many unfunny longueurs, but the audience were particularly supportive and patient. Which is why I am picturing the whole front row.

(And thanks to unofficial photographer Gordon Hodgson for the two pics at the top.)

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