In the second of our live, daily podcasts from the Underbelly in Edinburgh, we find out how many A-Levels our audience have got, discuss Scottish nationalism in relation to the Australian soap opera Neighbours, ponder the implications of the “hermathlete”, wonder what’s on this weekend in Stirlingshire, check out the Guardian‘s lastest wallchart, look into the ethics of wing-walking, and wonder if the opera director Stewart Lee really will turn up as a special guest for Friday’s podcast (clue: no he won’t). We remain sponsored by Profanity App, which provides amusing insults for Richard throughout the podcast, and devoted to drumming up business for the local Tempting Tattie. And here, once again, is a photo of some of the better – worst – qualified members of the audience. (And thanks to MissWiz, who took the photo above.)

Ah, and here’s a pic taken by Sali of me outside the Tempting Tattie. It’s been a hole lot of fun so far. (I’ll review some of the others shows I’ve seen tomorrow – now I am off out to see another one.)


One thought on “Gink

  1. Very slow at listening to there, maybe it's a Scottish thing with elephants. The local paper in Aberdeen had last week this used the elephant over the drugs.

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