The small man looked at the big book


You can read my big piece on Dan Brown and the build-up to the publication of The Lost Symbol in today’s Times, or read it online. They have used a funny photo from the session I did with photographer Richard Cannon on Wednesday at Waterstone’s in Piccadilly, which involves a giant Dan Brown book. The thing is, it looks like they have cleverly superimposed a regular-sized book onto a picture of me pretending I am holding it up – but I really was holding it up! Not sure the shirt looks that good, but hey, you live and learn.


One thought on “The small man looked at the big book

  1. Hmm, is there a symbol for "please don't read this load of old cock because it'll probably be as bad as the last two?" It'd be nice to un-lose that so we could use it here.I'll read trashy stuff with the best of the but Dan Brown's so depressingly bad. The most usual defence of Brown I hear is, "well he's not the best write but he CAN tell a story". Well, you know what? they also said that about Jeffrey Archer. I once forced myself to read Archer's Shall We Tell The President. It was beyoind awful.But anyway, back to Brown. The latest book will run something like this: Following the initial setup chapter where someone gets killed, we meet a nasty man, about whom we are expected to develop a deep dislike and boo whenever he appears (and it WILL be a he).We then meet the hero, who is contacted by a mysterious woman, asking hoim for help. One of the first places they go is to meet a very nice man who promises to help them. He, in fact, turns out to tbe the bad guy (yes, he too WILL be a man).After some tedious chases and arbitrary puzzle solving in a variety of locations that Brown has visited himself in the last couple of years and though it would be nice to write about, the hero and the now-slightly-less mysterious woman end up encountering the nasty man from the start of the book. He is NOT the bad guy and helps them, before dying.The bad guy is soundly dispatched and the now not-at-all mysterious woman thanks our hero and leaves, not offering him any sexual favours at all. It wouldn't matter if she did becasue he wouldn't accept; he is blandly asexual as written and Brown clearly doesn't want to (or knows he can't) write sex scenes.THE. END.Can I have my advance now please?

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