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This is a nice surprise: Christina Hardyment at the Times has, uniquely, reviewed my audiobook. Every little helps, as a big corporation disingenuously says. Because they asked, Go Faster Stripe allowed them to sell it “off the page” via their bookselling service, for the reduced price of £13.50. It would be nice if we sold an extra few this way, to Times readers phoning a number, but it would be nicer if they bought it at source, from Go Faster Stripe, who are not a big corporation and deserve the business. (We might have more reviews if we could afford to pay a PR to hawk it round the papers. But I prefer it this way.)

Through no fault of her own, the nice Times lady has mistakenly assumed the book to be new (and not, say, six years old), saying that it is “part of the current recession’s singing-in-the-rain reaction against the misery memoirs that dominated the past decade or so.” Though I’m happy to be part of a recession-beating trend, if it helps, I do object slightly to be described as “following in the footsteps of Nigel Slater’s memorable Toast.” I love that book, but it came out in September 2003, while mine came out in February 2003.

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