Non-racist comedy


Alright, a plug for Robin Ince’s next night of academic jollity: the entercational/edutaining School For Gifted Children returns for two nights as part of the Camden Fringe in fashionable North London, at the iconic Roundhouse venue (not the main bit, although one day, one day): Monday Aug 3 and Tuesday Aug 4. The bill for both nights is Robin (almost belittled by this week’s Guardian for having a go at the Daily Mail when that’s apparently passe – which is why it’s handy that his current show has a go at the Guardian); me; the ever-droll Natalie Haynes; science writer and now free speech martyr who hopes he never gets a bad back Simon Singh, New Scientist‘s stand-up cosmologist Martin Chown and civil, soft-shoed ex-nemesis Ben Goldacre, whom I know has a large and dedicated following. Tickets here.

As I have confirmed elsewhere, I will be countering the intellectualism around me by presenting a lesson in Secret Dancing. You know you want to.

Oh, and don’t be misled by the listing pictured above on the heavyweight London Paper‘s website, which states that the show lasts 0hr 0min. It actually last 1hr 30min.


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