Ethel and Dawn

In Podcast No. 73, we pay tribute to Sandi Toksvig, Neil Buchanan and Andrea Arnold as our weekly bulletin from the frontline of current affairs and cysts reaches the same number as their fictional early-to-mid-80s house. In it, we fail to discuss Michael Jackson’s fourth child or swine flu, preferring instead to talk about Mr and Mrs Herring’s Golden Wedding, the stupid Steve Redgrave/Jonathan Edwards Aquavision advert, the stupid Chris Hoy Bran Flakes advert on the inside of my gym locker door, the shadowy figure of Orange Mark, giraffes looking through the window, the delights of the Edinburgh Fringe catalogue, taking 40 minutes to put on a special swimsuit using unguent, the man-lady ratio in Nottingham, and the fate of Richard’s pus-baby. Don’t forget to support your local festival by visiting, our worthy sponsors (who are generously giving money to our chosen charities, Scope and Thomas’s Fund, for every ticket they sell because of us)


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