The Where Did It All Go Right? audiobook has arrived! (Well, I haven’t actually seen one yet, as I left the house before the postman came, but this is what it looks like – photographed we may assume on the kitchen table of Chris from Go Faster Stripe, without whom etc. etc.) I can’t believe we’ve finally made Where Did It All Go Right? into an audiobook, six years after its original publication. And better than that, we’ve done it via the indie route, cutting out any number of middlemen in the process and sticking it to The Man. (A-booooo! to The Man.)

It’s available to buy on the Go Faster Stripe website – along with many other fine comedy DVDs (and one book, one CD and one 10-inch single), some of them not by Richard Herring. Before you ask, we were unable to get it out as a downloadable audibook on iTunes, as it seems that they are something of a closed shop to new, indie audiobook publishers. It will also be available on Amazon although it’s not up there yet, and anyway, I’d recommend you buy it at source. In case you’re not up to speed, it is a book about my uneventful childhood in Northampton. You knew that, didn’t you? And instead of reading it, you get to hear my mangled voice saying it out loud. (The diary chapters are accessed as MP3s on the Go Faster Stripe website, but you need the secret password from the inner packaging of the audiobook to find them. How exciting.)



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