Book early

I seem to be allowing time to pass without pushing sales for our Edinburgh live podcasts, so here’s a brazen plug: we – that is, Collings & Herrin – will be appearing at the Underbelly between August 19-23 (that’s Wednesday to Sunday) at 12.20, lunchtime, at a cost of just £6 (£5 conc). Why not book your tickets now, as there are only about 100 places for each show and they are already flying out of the door. (We must tell the box office to actually sell some of them, rather than let them fly out of the door.) And if you’re in Edinburgh, you would be insane not to book to see what promises to be Richard Herring’s best Edinburgh show ever: Look I’ve Got A Moustache Like Hitler! He’s on for the whole festival, 6-30 August, also at the Underbelly, but at the more reasonable hour of 20.40. Come! And! See! Us!


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