Now will you take us seriously?

A talented artist called Darren Lacy, whose Big Brother-related artwork can be seen here, has drawn this funny cartoon of me and Richard. It sort of makes me wish I was a cartoonist again. But I’m not. I am this. Whatever this is. (Richard had his iPhone snatched today on the streets of Shepherd’s Bush. I hope this picture cheers him up. Now we both have an exciting story to tell about our touch-screen phones: his was stolen by a tearaway who evaded police capture despite a Sweeney-style high-speed pursuit with sirens wailing; I broke the screen on mine while purchasing a spinach and cheese crepe at a rock festival. Whose story is more exciting? Anyway, we are both using rubbish spare phones – although I’m sticking to mine, and Richard has already ordered a new, and flashier, iPhone because he is a slave to the machines, and I am not. Ha ha.)

Oh, here’s another one.

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