I sat in for Adam and Joe on Saturday on 6 Music, a long held ambition as a fan of their show, except I wasn’t supposed to be them, I was there to hold the musical fort on another 6 Music “themed” day, Independents Day, in which we focused on music from independent labels. The one concession we made to Adam and Joe was to create our own indie Song War song, my first ever attempt as using GarageBand for something other than as a big tape recorder for podcasts: we looped one drum track and one guitar track, wrote some daft lyrics and sang the song, I Quite Like Indie, live. It is quite silly, but if you wish, you can hear it at the 46 minute mark on iPlayer, all this week.

Adam and Joe have embarked upon a long, well-earned summer break, and will be covered from next week by their natural dep, Danny Wallace, who will keep the spirit of the show alive. I was amazed by how many Tweets and messages I got that basically said, You’re alright, but you’re no Adam and Joe. Ouch! That hurt! Especially when I made it clear that I was not attempting to be. One gentleman called me “another John Peel wannabe,” which is an odd insult, in that wanting to be John Peel strikes me as a worthy ambition. That said, I don’t want to be him. I have no interest in listening to loads and loads of new bands in the hope of finding a good one. The lot of the “dep” is always to fill in without threatening the authority of the person you’re filling in for. I’m pretty sure Adam and Joe are safe in their jobs, unless they plan to jettison all the features and funny stuff and just play records on independent labels in the future. (It’s amazing how possessive fans can be.)

Anyway, it was fun to do. I seem to be well and truly back on the 6 Music subs bench. Long may that continue. And one day, maybe I can be John Peel.

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