Chase us

Collings & Herrin Podcast 68 is upon us [or will be soon] – and still sponsored by Bedford’s Rhythm Festival. I had come hotfoot from reviewing the newspapers on Nick Ferrari’s breakfast show on London’s LBC, a non-stop commercial talk station (“London’s Big Conversation”), and thus I had read all of the newspapers, cover to cover, that’s all of them, including the “X-rated” Daily Star. For once, it’s all news, and no nonsense or housekeeping or catchphrases or plugs for things we are doing or Richard complaining about being tired: the redacted MPs’ expenses, the Wheelie Bin Revolution, the difference between Alesha Dixon and Arlene Philips, Sir Fred Goodwin’s chimney-sweeping pennance, the “Tarmaccing community”, Jordan’s “X-rated” romp, the allure of nappies to the urban fox, and the great fluoridation debate. The one question we don’t answer is, “Who is Virgilio Anderson?”


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