A word from our sponsors

The Collings & Herrin Podcast is herewith sponsored by the Rhythm Festival, which looks like a very nice, modest music festival suitable for families and held in a place near Bedford, August 21-23. We have done a deal with them, whereby we promote the festival and for every weekend ticket sold, they GIVE US MONEY. Well, they give money to our chosen charities, Scope and Thomas’s Fund. So go and have a look at their website. This has to be one of the worst sponsorship deals in the history of capitalism: we do all the work, and only our charities profit. But that’s the kind of guys we are. We will be rewarded at some other point. And the man running the festival seems very nice, and we trust him.


In our 67th podcast, sponsored by the Rhythm Festival, blah blah blah, we discuss the electoral victory of the BNP and whether it’s OK to have a go at Nick Griffin because of his face, celebrate the showbiz camp of Colonel Gaddafi, ponder the advantages and disadvantages of the head massage, admire Caroline Flint’s shoes, assert Duncan Norvelle’s heterosexuality, debate the spyhole, and, in the newly-shorn Richard’s case, aim for two new catchphrases, one of which really belongs to Arnold Schwarzenegger. (British Library pencil sharpener pictured.)

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