I think we should support Nathan Jay, the best Midlands-based deep house/chill house/ambient/acid/techno composer and videomaker to have ever sampled my Mr Bean-style voice on one of his tracks. Lion Man – which is of course already available to listen to and watch in various versions for free on YouTube – is now commercially available at the 7Digital Indiestore, for 79p a track (a top tune based around a true, train-based story I told long ago on the podcast, which was marginally more interesting than the more recent one about the pressure gauge). I am a great believer in the independent spirit, whether it’s Scritti Politti photocopying their own sleeves for Skank Bloc Bologna in 1978, or Mark Hodkinson publishing his own lovely books on Pomona in 2009, so why not give Nathan a listen and support your local Lion Man. He is that spirit.

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