Photo: Eamonn Holmes

Well, I was accused of name-dropping in my blog entry about the Al Murray gig – sorr-ee! – but this can’t be helped. On Sunday I was on Michael Ball’s Sunday Brunch on Radio 2, doing the entertainment guide, except Michael’s on holiday and Eamonn Holmes was filling in. I’d never met Eamonn before but was impressed by his cheerleading personality. At the end of my bit, reviewing Bono’s Elvis poem on Radio 4, I said that my Mum loved Elvis almost as much as she loves Tom Conti – thereby providing Eamonn with a segue into a plug for Tom Conti’s appearance after me (I am nothing if not a smooth radio professional). It’s also true: Mum has always had a thing for Conti – way before the Shirley Valentine bandwagon-jumpers! Anyway, once Eamonn had put the next record on, he insisted that I meet Tom and have my photograph taken with him to give to my mum! He went out into the green room, grabbed Tom, bundled him into the studio, introduced us and proceeded to take our picture on his camera. Eamonn promised to send me the pic and he did, today. So here it is.

I apologise if this is just name dropping. It’s what happened. And my Mum should see it.

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