Remember this?

It seems that 6 Music have closed down the Feedback message board just in time*, for I am all set to briefly return – twice! – to the network. On Friday May 22, I shall be filling in for George Lamb. It’s a special Goth-themed day, which is part of a special Old Rockers-themed bank holiday weekend. Then, in two Sundays’ time, Richard Herring and myself make our co-hosting debut, filling in for genial Jon Richardson. It will be our first appearance on actual radio together for over two years!

So, that’s me: Friday May 22, 10am-1pm
Collings & Herrin: Sunday May 31, 10am-1pm

Now all we have to do is train ourselves to stop swearing.

* Incidentally, since I have been unexpectedly welcomed back under the 6 Music umbrella, I am unable to comment on the decision to temporarily suspend the Feedback message board. However, the official statement reveals an amazing statistic: on the famous George Lamb thread (a snowballing lobby which had reached 11,370 posts), 10 regular users were responsible for nearly 7,000 posts. That’s 10, ladies and gentlemen.

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