My biggest fan

Hmmm. Anybody clever got any clever ideas why the fan on my Apple MacBook might have suddenly gone mad? It seems to come on at the drop of a hat, like it’s at the gym or something. I’m not running that many applications – as I type, the usual triumverate of Word, MacMail and Firefox – and it’s whirring away right now. Whirrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrr-rrrrrr-rrrr. Quite disturbing in a library environment – I feel bad for the lady sitting next to me. If the free British Library wi-fi connection is slow or down or I need to send emails which it won’t let me do, I pop in my dongle and use my Vodafone mobile broadband connection, and that often seems to get the fan going. I know the fan cools down the laptop, which is very kind of it, but it seems to be getting hot much more readily these days. I’ve tried propping it up on books to “air” its underside – does that actually do any good, or am I wasting my time? And is there some other way of reducing fan noise/activity? Does switching from mains to battery make any difference? It’s a brave new world.

Sorry to be a burden, as usual, but I know many of you love responding to blogs like this.


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