Not the Baftas


Some late news just in. I just happened to find this photo from the 2005 TCM Classic Shorts award ceremony. (If you must know, I wasn’t looking for myself, rather, the name of one of the young actors in Reggie Perrin, whom I knew to have appeared in the runner-up short film entry in 2005.) I hosted the awards, at the NFT, and Helen Mirren said a few words. It was tremendous to meet her – she’d just been on Channel 4 in Elizabeth I and I was able to enthuse about the excellent lighting and photography on that programme, a subject she much preferred over talking about her own marvellous work in it (she also voiced the anxiety that a TV programme just goes out and is forgotten, while a movie has a longer life, something I had never considered before) – and while introducing her from the stage, she heckled me, and I told her to “shut up”, which was a nice moment. Anyway, I had no idea photographic evidence existed. I’m glad it does. If Twitter had been invented, I might have Twittered it. I’m glad it didn’t.

Don’t know who took the picture. (If it was you, let me know.) The man on the right is Alan Musa, vice president of TCM, who took me for lunch at the Ivy earlier this year to compensate for the fact that, after three years of having me host the awards, in 2008 they got Ben Miller in. It was a good run while it lasted.


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