Top one, nice one


Thanks to someone on the Word forums, I have discovered that Granada’s Celebration: Madchester, The Sound Of The North, an ITV-aired documentary about the, yes, “Madchester” scene of the turn of the decade, is now on YouTube in full. It’s an amazing, roomily-trousered, bangin’ time capsule from that brief era when MC Tunes and Northside were considered worthy of adulation. But it also presents the first time ever that Stuart Maconie and myself appeared on television together. Well, I say “together” – he and James Brown of the NME parish were picked to front parts of the documentary, being “northern” and everything, and their bits at Afflecks Palace and the Dry bar are a joy unto themselves, especially the sight of Stuart’s then-legendary fringe and neat tops tucked into his trousers.


In the section that starts at around five and a half minutes into this, the sixth part, you’ll see Stuart “walking and talking” to camera, sweeping around the NME office, circa 1990, from the Thrills desk, past the pre-hotdesk I humbly shared with Fred Dellar (not pictured), pre-staff position. You can see me, briefly, in a religious looking Age Of Chance top, banging away unrealistically on an electric typewriter. And then he’s gone, and my TV career is over. I’m so glad to have found this. It speaks of another time, another place.

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