A word from our non-sponsors

We would like to make it clear – crisply, refreshingly clear – that Collings & Herrin Podcast 57 is not sponsored by Magners Light Irish Cider, created in the same authentic, time honoured tradition as Magners Original Cider, but with fewer calories. However, we did drink a 330ml bottle each during today’s podcast, which led to a more sophisticated discussion than normal about the a united Ireland, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the intricacies of expenses claims, the changing nature of titilation, the “phlegminess” of cider and the economic hardship of having a sitcom cancelled. Magners Light Irish Cider is actually not as phlegmy as we remember cider to be from when we used to drink it at the correct cider-drinking age ie. 17. If you would like to sponsor us and have your product spoken about in, at best, ambivalent terms, get in touch!

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