No longer going out

Apparently this was in the News Of The World yesterday, so it’s incumbent upon me to confirm it (as who believes what they read in the News Of The World?): BBC1 have indeed cancelled the award-winning sitcom Not Going Out. This is very sad news, and something of a surprise, as we went out with our highest ever audience figure for the last show, Marriage*, and critics seem to have been much kinder to the third series. Plus, we’d run in some new writers and I personally think it was a strong series. Who understands TV controllers? Not me. It all comes down to numbers in the end, even though the BBC is a publicly funded broadcaster and thus not reliant on advertising revenue and thus not really in the ratings game to the degree where, like American broadcasters, it cancels shows that aren’t performing to a set of made-up targets. But that’s what’s happened: over three series, despite the ratings gradually going up, show by show, and series by series, it still hasn’t rung the requisite bell.

Oh, and good old Chortle, for making it their lead story:


* Actually, not the last show, as there is an eighth episode, which has not gone out. It may go out at Christmas, which will be a bit like dancing on our grave.


6 thoughts on “No longer going out

  1. Just finished watching Series 2 on DVD, unfortunately I'm one of the ones who have come in a bit late.This means I've only just found out that it has been cancelled and it bugs me.A great show I was about to evangelise all over the place. Maybe I will anyway, try to get a huge viewing bump for the Christmas episode and you never know.But Series 3 has a definte purchaser here if that eases the pain any.

  2. NGO – the only show that made me laugh out loud. So much garbage on the TV and this gets canned??? The mind boggles.Still the BBC are not all bad. Let's remember that they have given us great shows like "Last Of The Summer Wine" when 3 blokes do something stupid EVERY week and four women happen to drive their car EVERY week into the countryside and see them being daft – absolutely side splitting comedy.Why should we complain? clb

  3. The BBC are out of there minds NGO was the only show besides Dr. Who that i actually chose to tune into yet I still have to pay the beeb for shows that I don't watch. If the beeb was a pay and go service they would not get the full £142.50 licence from me and I dare say a few others!!! P.S. has anyone else had there posts taken down from the points of view forum when asking why they the canned the show.

  4. Gutted ! A really big fan and I have bought the dvds too !One of the few shows that made me fall off the sofa because I laughed so much. Really, really disappointed and guess that means more show time for Norton, Ross and all the people that I'm told I must like. Shame on you BBC.

  5. It's a sad state of affairs when the Beeb are happily trailing the show in it's Christmas Comedy Highlights Trailer (albeit briefly) when there's no sign of the truly appalling new sitcom Big Top in there! Have you seen it, one episode in and the whole premise looks dated and second rate compared to NGO. Ok it has a different timeslot, granted but the same budget paid for it…right?!I was lucky enough to be in the audience a couple of times for NGO, the first time for the original Catherine Tate pilot and I remember clocking you, Andrew standing to the side of the studio with a look of pride on your face. Now I guess this Christmas will be like looking at pictures of your pet…you know the one that was run over back in the Spring! Ok so I was never that good at analogies but you get the point!I've just signed the petition, something I overlooked earlier in the year. Hmmm I still can't imagine anyone at the Beeb will be swayed and admit that public opinion is different to their own, that would be far too embarrassing a climbdown!

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