No, this is not an Apprentice preview (I’m avoiding all previews, preferring to sit down and watch the new series, cold, on Thursday night) … Just take a look at the screen grab above. I took it from the Apprentice website this morning. It’s all blurry, right? This is a new anomaly I’m experiencing with the internet, and I can’t make head nor tail of it.

A couple of times this week, I’ve had blurry photos – they load instantly, but come out all weird. All graphics are fine. It seems to be across the board, not just certain websites, but the photos come out as if I have conjunctivitis. (And then, next time I look, they’re fine. It’s as if I dreamed it. That’s why I took a grab, to prove I’ve not lost my mind due to too much Jade Goody contemplation.) I’ve tried opening a different browser, and it’s exactly the same. There’s nothing amiss with my screen, as all other photos are as clear as a bell, it’s just the pictures on the internet. Oh, and I’ve started using a new wi-fi broadband connection (Vodafone).

I’m not stupid, and it’s not stopping me working, but I really don’t know what’s causing it.

Any ideas, IT?

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