Back on 6 Music at last

What? You didn’t hear it? Yesterday, on Shaun Keaveney’s Breakfast Show, on BBC 6 Music, as part of an item called The Ex-Band Factor, the early-80s Northampton sixth-form band Absolute Heroes made their belated radio debut. John Pearson, who used to roadie for us and works at 6 in a technical/live capacity when he’s not travelling the world like the man from Kung Fu, put us forward, guitraist Pete supplied the digitised TDK demo tape (possibly recorded in the common room, after hours), and Shaun and whoever his comedy sidekick is played our eponymous song Absolute Heroes (sample lyric: “Jesus Christ … James Dean”), talking all over it, obviously, and making unkind comments. Fair enough. If you want to hear it – and how much like New Order we wished to sound at that impressionable stage of our A-Levels – it’s on iPlayer here (starts around 2 hours and 50 minutes in).

For the record: Jo Gosling (vocals), Pete Sawtell (guitar), Craig McKenna (bass) and Andy Collins (drums and borrow of mum’s Mini Metro for equipment transportation). The above photo was taken professionally, by Mitch Jenkins – who’d photographed Bauhaus and everything – outside what, in Baltimore, would be referred to as “a vacant”, in 1982.

More pics, at Kirstie’s request (including one from our final gig, Black Lion, Northampton, 1983):


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