Where Did It All Go Right? is a hidden gem. Not my assessment, but the business-driven assessment of Waterstone’s, who have gathered together some old books and called them Hidden Gems in order to try and sell them over a limited promotional period in March. In their words:

  • Hidden Gems brings together an eclectic and wide-ranging collection of outstanding books which, for one reason or other, have not had the success or recognition that they so richly deserve. Enjoy the selection!

Some might call this the very definition of faint praise. I am far more pragmatic than that. I’m glad they’ve chosen a book that was published in 2003 and put it on display at the front of their shops with a generous discount attached. No author could possibly complain about this, even if the promotion was called Some Old Books We’ve Still Got Copies Of. Funnily enough, the first Waterstone’s I went into on the day the promotion began had an eclectic and narrow-ranging selection from the eclectic and wide-ranging Hidden Gems selection in a specially marked bookcase, with no sign of my book at all. Perhaps it is more Hidden than the other Gems.

Incidentally, the pic above is of two of my books prominently displayed between a book about inspiring holy people and a book about Casanova in Borders in Coventry, taken by Dee Richards. It is evidently easier to find, unpromoted, at Borders than it is, promoted, at Waterstone’s.

And while we’re publishing photos sent in by people, here’s one by Tina Wiseman of me and Rich after his gig at the Leicester Square Theatre last Tuesday. If Tina turns out to be a stalker, I’ll probably regret printing it. But at least you all know what she looks like now if either Rich or I turns up dead.

Photo: Philip Wilding


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