I know how much Richard likes it when I make screengrabs of when I’ve been on the telly and post them here, but in this case, I think he’ll forgive me, as it’s our debut on More4 News from Friday night. (Hey, my mum and dad were down – you can imagine how proud they were.) You can watch it here. I do like the fact that the podcast attic has now been on a minority television channel’s news in all its unprepared glory, along with the hamper we always rest my laptop on, the laptop itself, and the now-ubiquitous mug of home-frothed latte resting on the first volume of Andy Kershaw’s biography of Hitler, Hubris. The man who made the film – amazingly called Rags – in which Richard bravely takes a stand against Lee Hurst’s fear of the internet, fooled us into thinking he was filming us faking a podcast, but then used the conversational bit where Richard was eating a bun (paid for by listener Tina, whose t-shirt also makes an appearance) and I was not yet using my Radio 4 voice. It’s nice to be on the news. Here are those screeengrabs anyway. It may not happen again.


A lot of blurred wrist action from me, and some good hair from Rich. And finally … a duck on a skateboard.


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