The R-word

I am back on the radio, for an hour, on Saturday. The G-Word is the mostly lighthearted documentary I made last year (I recorded my scripted links, tired and emotional, the day after Obama became president), but which was “put back” due – it seemed – to the general paranoia of the post-Sachsgate “climate”. Actually, BBC bosses were worried that our little documentary would be inappropriate to air at that time because one of the thugs convicted of murdering Sophie Lancaster had had their sentence reduced in October. She was a Goth, ergo our documentary suddenly became potentially insensitive. Ah well. It’s clawed its way back into the schedules and it’s on Radio 2 at 7pm this Saturday. I haven’t heard the finished thing, as that would involve somebody at Radio 2 actually sending me it, but the raw material gathered by my producer Helen was of a very high quality and I hope I have personalised the narrative. This press release is very funny, as the main person in the photo is my friend Kevin. I am behind him on the left.

It’s on iPlayer for a week.


One thought on “The R-word

  1. Better late than never! Have just caught up with this, Andrew…very entertaining and nostalgic. Left me feeling that sense of isolation which only comes with being teenage and living in the middle of bleedin nowhere!Good work, Sir….off to "acquire" some Sisters……..Cheers, Mark (Nottingham,UK).

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