Here isn’t the news

It’s up: Collings & Herrin Podcast 52. In it, we manage to largely avoid talking about the tragedy-filled news by discussing the legality and morality of secretly taking photos with mobile phones up ladies’ skirts, Richard’s special plan for Lent, the fact that bras used to be exciting, why we should actually have some compassion for Jade Goody, and the fact that, all being well, we will be on Channel 4 News tomorrow (Friday) because we are the news*. Interestingly, it turns out that last week’s podcast might not have been recorded using the podcast studio and the nice new mic, but through the internal mic, so ha ha if you thought it sounded better. It probably didn’t. And this week it’s back to normal until a nerd can help us. The mic looks nice in its stand though, doesn’t it? [Thanks to Tina for Richard’s t-shirt.]

*It’s an item about whether the internet and YouTube etc. is good for comedy. Lee Hurst thinks it isn’t. Mr Richard Herring thinks it is. I might be seen in the background.


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