In the 51st Collings & Herrin podcast, recorded for the first time ever on the professional podcast studio Richard bought and paid for while drunk before Christmas [pictured], we allow ourselves to be seduced by the sleek professionalism of the equipment and dispense with puerile jokes and humour and merely pontificate on free speech, for ages. OK, there’s also a bit about the enraged, now-dead celebrity chimpanzee Travis, and Peter Mandelson’s swear at Starbucks, and Hitler’s table manners, and the Church Of England school teaching ten year olds “filth”, and hate cleric Abu Qatada and the tabloids’ demonisation of men with beards, and why Twitter is good/bad. You decide! (I’m all for doing it the old way on the MacBook, as the loading of the WAV file, which we eventually worked out how to convert to an MP3, took bloody ages. I had to stay round Richard’s house for hours! He was getting quite crotchety with me, although that could have been the pint of Diet Coke and two caffeines. Or the fact that he hates me for leaving Twitter. Or that he blames me for the podcast studio not working, even though I didn’t buy it.)


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