Help. Quite without warning, when I opened iTunes last night, half of my music library did not load (I ended up with about 4,500 “items” in there, rather than the expected 8,654). It told me my library was “damaged.” All the current podcasts and playlists were gone too. I was like I’d been burgled. Now, I sensibly searched for answers on various forums and have now reinstated my entire library by copying an old version of it over from where my music is stored, plus, my podcasts have reappeared (although I had to re-subscribe to them). However, I can’t manage to reinstate my playlists. I know playlists are just lists of songs I already have, but I have built up some really good ones over the years and don’t relish rebuilding them by hand. But in the current state, I assume the next time I hook my iPod up to my computer, all my playlists will be wiped from there too. (I have tried importing “iTunes music libarary.xml” but it just installs a load of empty playlists, and not my lovely ones.) Any ideas, o clever people?


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