Here, have a podcast

In this, the 50th Collings & Herrin Podcast, we celebrate by not using the brand new podcast studio because we can’t make it work yet. But in what may be the last ever podcast made using GarageBand – and indeed the last ever podcast, if we decide to stop it (letters of protest to the usual address) – we discuss Prince Harry’s racism course, bears and cubs, Husker Du, the only good news to come out of the Australian Bush Fires, the complex morality of a 13-year-old having a baby with a 15-year-old and the fact that Richard is touring The Headmaster’s Son and wants people to buy tickets so much he is prepared to appear alongside Britain’s second favourite racist Carol Thatcher on Channel Five. Here’s to the next 50. (The next 50 plugs for Richard’s tour, that is.) In the picture we pay visual homage to one of the key media events of the week, which has been beamed around the world.


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