Still going out


This episode of the third series of Not Going Out, titled Winner, is a half-hour of television that I am very proud of. As you know, I only co-wrote one episode this series, for boring reasons, and it went through the usual machinery of Lee and the other gag-writers before it was ready to be made, but compared to other episodes I co-wrote in series two, a substantial amount of what I came up with – plot, lines, jokes – has stayed in. I didn’t see it being shot, nor did I see an advance tape of it. I just watched it when it went out on the telly. Because it was repeated on BBC2 last night, you have seven more days to watch it. I’ve already had some heartwarming compliments and they mean a lot. (I was at a an NUJ meeting last night, doing a talk, and whoever paid me that compliment in the Q&A, I thank you very much. I also heard from someone at Radio 4 who told me how much his eight-year-old daughter had enjoyed it, which makes me happy too.) It’s not a set text: you don’t have to watch it, but it’s in circulation here.


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