Going out again

The third series of Not Going Out begins tonight at 9.30 on BBC1. For the record, again, my involvement with this series was reduced from series one (for which I co-wrote all six episodes, in a room with Lee) and series two (for which I co-wrote five episodes, partly in a shed with Lee, but mostly on my own, in a room), due to other work commitments and boring stuff. As a result, I only worked on one of the seven episodes, although I have to say, I’m as proud of this one – which goes out next week, entitled Winner – as any of the others I’ve co-written with Lee. We have a couple of new writers this time around, but the premise and cast are the same as series two, and Lee’s hand is always on the tiller in terms of quality control. There’s a really good interview with Lee on the British Sitcom Guide site. I’ve seen scripts and read-throughs but didn’t get to the recordings, so I’ll be sitting down to watch tonight’s opening episode – which has a very rude premise – just like anybody else. I hope you like it. I’m still incredibly proud to have a hand in it and in many ways can’t believe we’re at series three. (Series two is out on DVD on February 2, on which I was invited to take part in one of the audio commentaries with Lee and Tim.)


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