Orange segments


Ha-ha, another unflattering screengrab! It can now be revealed that I have been working on three exclusive films for Bafta to help flag up the forthcoming Orange British Academy Film Awards. Entitled the Essential Guides, these little featurettes assess the nominees and look behind the scenes of the extravaganza itself; running at 15 minutes each, the first of three is available to view at the Bafta website now and makes strategic use of my blue shirt. (Part two goes live this coming Friday, and part three – including an interview with host Jonathan Ross, which I’m doing tomorrow at the Film 2009 studio – the Friday before the ceremony. TV coverage runs on BBC3, BBC2 and BBC1, across the evening of Sunday February 8, just in case anybody tries not to watch it.) This means that I actually get to go the Baftas, for the first time ever in my glittering showbiz career; the caveat being that I’ll be working, doing interviews with all the stars as they step off the red carpet and enter the foyer of the Royal Opera House, and annoying the winners the second they walk offstage. (The footage will go up on the website as quickly as we can turn it around, before the TV coverage starts.) This will be pretty nervewracking, but it’s good for an old man to try something new. I may become the new Fearne Cotton.

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