Unidentifed, flying object

We’re back. Collings & Herrin Podcast 45, our first in the new year, is ready for take-offor soon will beunlike Monarch Airlines, as you will hear in our all-new consumer advice section. Just off the banana flambe boat, Richard tries out his new, “chillaxed”, non-hectoring, post-Caribbean persona and Andrew, in a New Year’s Resolution, becomes a man of rational scientific thought and debunker of non-evidence-based myths. It takes us quite a while to get to the newspapers, but when we do, it’s mainly the story about the UFO hitting the wind turbine that we cover in detail, and the Radio Solent scandal. Don’t worry, in the end, we both return to our usual selves. Except Andrew. Pictured: the lovely Grenada chocolate Richard bought for me, and possibly made, using his own feet. It’s great to be back, shouting at each other again at the tops of our lungs and not sponsored by Monarch Airlines.


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