These things

Help. My internet browser had a nervous breakdown this afternoon. Apropos of, seemingly, nothing, it stopped loading webpages properly. Images wouldn’t load, typefaces came out in weird sizes, layout was all drunk. I use Firefox, so I consulted their Help pages and was advised to remove cookies pertaining to the culprit websites (which, by the way, was pretty much all of the ones I was bouncing between – BBC, Guardian, Blogger, Flickr … Wikipedia was particularly odd, as the pics wouldn’t load and the search bar disappeared, until I scrolled down and down and found it at the bottom, skulking – it was like being Alice in an online version of Wonderland, but without smoking opium first). I did as I was told. Hey! Some of the images reappeared. But not all. So I removed all cookies*, which scared me but I was willing to take any advice. Et voila! My browser sobered up. And all was well with the world …

… For a few minutes. Then they started to go wonky again. Does anyone out there understand cookies? I’ve never really had cause to fiddle with them before, and now all of a sudden they are using up all of my valuable time with their demands. As I type this, things have calmed down again, but I’m expecting the worst.

I’m rather hoping there’s something I can do. Is there? (I have recently updated Firefox, as prompted by a big box telling me to, but I don’t think this is what’s causing the drunkenness, as I did so after the problem started – stupidly thinking this might fix it.)

* In removing all cookies, I have now had to go back and re-input all my passwords and logins, but this is a small price to pay.


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