No, really, happy new year!

Would we let a week go by without a podcast? We would not. So here it is, our promised Review Of 2008, otherwise known as Collings & Herrin Podcast 44, which we’ve been saving up (and thanks, once again, to Mark, who is making these festive ones go live on the allotted day). As you listen to it, Richard will presumably be in a hammock somewhere eating a flounder’s head, and I will be doing nothing, I hope, except preparing my extensive notes for my first close-up of 2009, filling in for Mark Kermode on 5 Live (Friday January 2, 15:00). As you can see by the pic, Richard really liked the present I belatedly gave him during the pre-recording of the podcast. Ha ha. In the last podcast of the year, we discuss our most-missed dead people of the year, plus give a detailed analysis of such seismic events as the Beijing Olympics, the election of Barack Obama and when Iain Morris caught the pomegranate juice thrown by Kevin Bishop. We’ll be back in 2009, when Andrew resolves to stop being the controversial one and Richard resolves to start being the controversial one.


One thought on “No, really, happy new year!

  1. Two years on and still no one has left a comment?

    I am busy trying to catch up, usually around 7 episodes per week – on 18th April 2011 I should be listening to Friday the 15th’s episode.

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