Quantum of Sellers

These are just some of the brands that are currently tied into the release of Bond movie Quantum of Solace: Ford, Heineken (“Enter the world of Bond”), Smirnoff, Coke Zero, Omega watches, the National Lottery, Barclaycard, Virgin Atlantic, Sony Ericsson and Avon, who do a nice smell called Bond Girl 007. It’s a victory for marketing if not filmmaking. The Olympics are actually jealous of the sheer bulk of synergistic promotional tie-ins. Hey, I know how the world works; I’m a grown-up, but I’m personally already sick of seeing adverts for other products with Daniel Craig in them. Occasionally there’s one for the actual film. Some of them are specially shot, like the Sony HD TV one where he gets all bashed up by some HD explosions. (How can James Bond, a fictional character, star in an advert? It breaks the fourth wall, like those EastEnders adverts where Dot Cotton talks to camera.) The Sun are currently giving away a “Quantum Of Solace MP3 player”, which is an MP3 player with The Sun and Quantum Of Solace written on it.

According to Variety, Ford will “roll out” a “redesigned version of the Ka” in European dealerships around the release of the film: “a special-edition Solace-themed Ka that features metallic gold paint and exterior graphics.” While Sony Ericsson have a limited edition Titanium Silver C902 Cyber-shot phone – seen in the film, naturally, as is a stack of Coke Zero bottles at a posh reception. Quite why they didn’t just have two Zeroes and one Seven-Up is beyond me. Idiots.

James Bond will be saving the world after these messages.

And don’t forget to pick up your Quantum Of Solace scratchcard – top prize: £70,007 (true).

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