"As they say"

If you haven’t already, you simply must hear this radio interview by Les Ross of BBC West Midlands with the fine, upstanding Hardeep Singh Kohli, and weep.

A bit of background: Les Ross is “a West Midlands radio legend.” In 1965 he apparently become National DJ of the Year, beating Johnny Walker into second place, aged 15. This sounds hard to believe, but it’s what it says on his BBC biog, so how can it not be true? He moved around from BBC Radio Birmingham to Radio Tees, then BRMB (he replaced Adrian Juste, which will give you an idea of the sort of territory he broadcasts in). He has “breakfast” written through him like a stick of radio rock. Now he’s back at BBC WM, where, let’s say, his many years in commercial radio are easy to hear back in a public-service environment. (Oh, by the way, he’s won three Sony Awards, and now hosts the afternoon programme, 1-4pm.)

Anyway, just have a listen. Hardeep is in a London studio, there to talk about his food memoir Indian Takeaway (Canongate, £16.99). Les Ross may possibly not have seen, let alone read the book. This, as you will hear, is not his crime. (NB: The person who posted this on YouTube likens Ross to Alan Partridge, which is a bit unfair.)

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