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Family Affairs

While looking for something else today, I found this fantastic press photo from Channel Five’s now-defunct soap Family Affairs: this is the original cast line-up, from 1997, when – as regular readers will now – I was working on the show as a rookie scriptwriter, learning the trade. The eagle-eyed may spot such luminaries as Ken Farrington (formerly Billy Walker on Coronation Street), Roger Sloman (Nuts In May, Grass), Tessa Wyatt (Robin’s Nest), Annie Miles (formerly Sue on Brookside) and David Easter (formerly Pat the nurse on Brookside). But here, retrospectively, is the best spot:

Family Affairs_2

The great Idris Elba, then playing Tim, very much third fiddle to Duncan and Roy. However, a few years into the future and on the other side of the Atlantic, he would breathe life into Stringer Bell in The Wire. (You may also recognise Cordelia Bugeja, leaning on Elba’s shoulder: she’s in just about every advert on television, notably Yakult and Sure. Hey, work’s work to an actor.)

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