He was the egg man


In an interview in today’s Mail On Sunday, Nigella Lawson revealed that her husband Charles Saatchi lost four stone in nine months by eating nothing but nine eggs a day, either boiled or scrambled. (“He ate three eggs for breakfast, three eggs for lunch and three eggs for supper.”)

In more important news, Paul Newman has died, aged 83, of cancer. I couldn’t help but think of him when listening to the stupid nine-egg story on the radio news today. He ate 50, or at least his character did in Cool Hand Luke, and I believed he did it, even though he didn’t. Newman was one of my first favourite movie stars as a kid, even before Gene Hackman, mostly based on Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, but I also saw him in, I think, Harper at my Nan’s, and of course, in Cool Hand Luke. I got to meet Robert Redford, but never Newman. He once said that he would have died penninless if his eyes had turned brown. Never underestimate a face in Hollywood. The Brando who never got fat; the Dean who never crashed his car. RIP.

That classic scene from Cool Hand Luke, then:

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