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Written a pop music-based blog for the Guardian. Must get them to change that photo though.


4 thoughts on “Blog blog

  1. I just picked up “Connected – 90s 12″ Mixes” and had completely forgotten that “I’m Free” was by The Soup Dragons Feat. Junior Reid and now wondering whether to skip the track in a fit of pique!

  2. Four Aces Featuring Al Alberts seems an appropriate use of the word because you can imagine that appearing on the posters as they toured the country. The Four Aces really did feature Al Alberts. He was a notable feature of the group.The more recent use is more like a film credit and I suspect that’s why it has become popular. Like film credits, it’s designed to make the record itself seem more important – more of an event – than it really is. It’s self-aggrandising, which may be why it’s so popular in hip-hop. Though even Kanye West probably wouldn’t try on special guest star for size.

  3. It was quite a Collings and Herrin and Adam and Joe love in over at the Guardian yesterday, in fact.On a completely separate note, but I’ve just got to say it, I watched Man On Wire last night. Oof Mama.Peter

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