Ticket "sales" slow!

Hey, kids! Apparently tickets for the first ever live Collings & Herrin podcast at the Underbelly in Edinburgh on Wednesday are not flying out of the door of the box office, even though they’re “free”. It will still be a lot of fun, recording it with a few loyal friends, but the more the merrier! Go here to join the gang. (I realise this presupposes you are in Edinburgh on Wednesday morning, which is a “big ask”, but if you are, where better to be than in a cellar with Mark Steel and Ewan McGregor’s useless mate at 10.30 in the morning? Incidentally, we aim to get the podcast itself up by Wednesday afternoon for everybody who isn’t in Edinburgh.)

10 thoughts on “Ticket "sales" slow!

  1. Very sad not to be going, but I have less than two weeks in which to find a new flat to live in, so… more (de)pressing things to be doing, sorry.

  2. I suspect that the 10.30am start may prove difficult for those that aren’t on holiday. I’m taking a day off work to be there, so it had better be bloody good! :-)Are you going to make a mini-break of it, or is it just a flying visit Andrew?Doug

  3. Flying visit, Doug. Up on Tues, back on Thurs. But I plan to cram a lot in. (Even if it’s not good, you will be part of history. And Richard’s still threatening to take the whole audience to a baked potato shop afterwards!)

  4. I’m coming along! Looking forward to it too.It was a bugger to order a ticket though, which might explain the slow ‘sales’. The website didn’t seem to like a £0.00 subtotal and crashed every time I tried to ‘buy’ it. I succeeded in getting my ticket by phoning the box office but it took the kid a while to figure out what to do.

  5. How many baked potatoes is Richard prepared to buy?In a strange, and totally selfish kind of way, I don’t want lots of walk-up business. I think of the podcasts as my own little thing – I don’t want strangers coming along! No offence intended. It’s a bit like when your favourite underground band hits the big time – they don’t feel like they’re yours anymore and how dare anyone else just jump onboard.I totally understand, though, that you both want to have the place as full as possible.

  6. I’d be there if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m about as far away as I can get whilst still being in the UK (Cornwall in this case). Hope you gets lots of punters and it goes well.

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