Euro 2008: two further questions


1) Why do so few of the Portuguese team sing the national anthem?
2) If the organised but defensive Sweden manage to get through, will Ikea pay tribute by applying all of the team’s surnames to items in their catalogue, as a fitting and lasting tribute?

Isaksson: some kind of yellow and blue rug
Stoor: filing cabinet
Mellberg: new meatball dish in the restaurant
Hansson: bookcase, perhaps to rival the Billy
Nilsson: footstool
Elmander: cuddly toy
Larsson: actually, I think there might already be a Larsson
Andersson: metallic cutlery rack
Svensson: cup
Ljungberg: mirror in the shape of his head
Kallstrom: sofa
Ibrahimovic: photo frame
Rosenberg: vase

I am actually taking Euro 2008 very seriously, having watched way over half of the 16 matches so far, and even catching the two-goals-in-60-seconds of Italy-Romania on Friday, just as I arrived at a hotel after a long drive. I was right behind Sweden last night, but was as thrilled as everybody else when Villa scored in the 92nd minute. That’s the joy of England not being in it. You may switch allegiance at any time to whoever’s playing the best football. And Romania could still go through, if Italy beat France. (I think. My maths is not very good.)


7 thoughts on “Euro 2008: two further questions

  1. footballers rarely sing along to their natty anthems AC, you have never seen such ignorance and confusion as when you witness rio ferdinand struggling to yammer along to ours, despite the fact hes heard the damn thing countless times already.

  2. The Eastern Bloc teams do! Perhaps they are scared of being sent to the salt mines, even though they probably won’t be any more.I’m convinced the Portugeuse are the least vocal of all the teams in this tournament though.

  3. Hi Andrew,If you ever watch the England players singing the national anthem, you’ll notice that Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville defiantly stay silent.The reason for this is because they don’t agree with the sentiment behind the anthem, for one reason or another.Perhaps the Portuguese players have a similar issue with their own anthem?I guess it all comes down to how much their country/national identity means to them. The Croatian players, for example, all bellow along to their anthem, as do the Poles.

  4. If super Holland legitimately rest some of their key super players against Romania (or even if they don’t), and Romania go on to win.. then Holland and Romania will finish first and second in the group. And Italy and France will go home. Au revoir and ciao, baby. If that happens it means that both Northamptonshire teams will go through which can only be a good thing for football.

  5. I wouldn’t sing our National Anthem as I’m neither a monarchist nor a deist – a bit of a stumbling block.Mind you, here’s the lyric to the Portuguese anthem (scroll down for the words in English), and it’s stirring stuff! wouldn’t want to sing, ‘The rays of that powerful dawn Are like a mother’s kisses That protect us and support us Against the insults of fate.’?

  6. I’m surprised anyone bothers to sing along to our dirge of a National Anthem. Would I be right in thinking you have a Celtic background AC? Doesn’t it bother you that GSTQ once had a line in it about crushing the rebellious Scots? Hardly a unifying sentiment.As I said before, I do wish England were there (although they’d be one match away from coming home by now) but I haven’t missed the moronic hordes singing the NA at the beginning of both halves.

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