I’m a bus driver!

Look at my colleague Richard Herring dealing with a stupid, inebriated heckler at the Wam Bam Club in London’s Soho two Sundays ago. Is there anything people aren’t filming? (Way to go, colleague.)

18 thoughts on “I’m a bus driver!

  1. The thing is that at the end the guy potentially had a point. Not one that I’d agree with, nor one that’s appropriate to debate during a stand up gig. But a point nonetheless.But he spoiled it all by being a complete any utter tit.

  2. Oh my goodness….Andrew, that was one of the guests in my friend Pam’s Birthday party group….i got the lowdown on it on Monday morning….Pam and her friends were absolutely mortified by this buffoon’s behaviour… Apparently him and his boyfriend were guests of one of Pam’s friends and the blokes boyfriend was dying of embarrasment…it brings to mind the quote ‘better to stay silent and let people susect you’re an idiot, than open your mouth and confirm it’

  3. Y’know, sometimes I think it would be great fun being a stand-up comedian, but I honestly couldn’t deal with hecklers. It’s a horrible thing for all concerned, most of the time. I’d say the most important thing every stand-up needs in their repertoire is a cast-iron selection of ways to deal with *any* potential heckle. I thought Richard did a good job there, especially as the crowd seemed to be relishing a bit of confrontation.

  4. I don’t think the guy had a point, I think the guy was a tool. Surely if you go to a comedy club you expect to see all types of comedy? And it seemed like he tried to take a moral high ground just a little too late in the evening.. Now if anyone there had known someone who had gassed themselves in a car would they also be able to object about that? Or someone who had their bollocks removed through some nasty disease could have asked Rich not to have said that word either as it brought about painful memories?Just can’t be done.Well done to Rich for being what he is, a comedian. I would have encouraged the rest of the crowd to batter him a lot sooner than the joke about stabbing him too, lucky I am not a comedian really…And also not being funny helped me choose to avoid that career…Phew!

  5. Richard did really well there … if the heckler took such offence at the Murder on the Orient Express joke, let’s hope he doesn’t hear your stuff about serial killers Andrew!

  6. He may have potentially had a point. But it’s probably related to an obsession with masturbation or the Princess Diana version of Candle in the Wind. Herring wins because he’s funnier than anyone alive.

  7. I’m not sure the point of this discussion is stabbing, it’s about heckling – a fine tradition, but in this case, one that crossed the line into disruptive, repetitive abuse that was spoiling the event for other paying customers. He was aggressive towards Richard (and drink is not an excuse), and Richard was aggressive, but clever, back. I don’t think anyone was condoning stabbing, and to take it that way is counterproductive.

  8. Seems like this feller initially tried to out-prat R Herring, then, realising that was impossible, spectacularly switched tactics and tried to make a last minute drunken claim for the moral high ground. An alco-prig!

  9. Heavens. Not a well man to begin with, I would have said, and the amount of booze he’d obviously consumed tipped him over the edge (not Richard Herring, the other guy. Richard Herring’s been off the drink for months, I believe.). He did well to keep going. I would have cried or stomped off.

  10. we seem to mhave lost the point of this thread hecklers in small doese can add to an evening comedy but seemingly everytime I’ve been to show recently there’s some incredibly drunk type who just ruins the evening. I suppose they go to muisc gigs but you can’t here them also people aren’t prepared to sit a listen now a days, I thought Rich handled it wwell although i would have much rather have seen his set.

  11. I heckled at a comedy club at our work Christmas Do this year. I wasn’t drunk though but genuinely angry with the ‘comedian’ who thought it was funny to basically bully and verbally abuse members of the audience who were not laughing at her ‘jokes’ about children being sexually abused in Foster Care. I’m pretty open minded and if she had been funny then maybe things would have been different, but she wasn’t and so I advised her of this fact (very nicely and without swearing), which she couldn’t take and she left the stage. She could give it out to the audience but couldn’t take it. I wouldn’t have dreamed of heckling though unless she hadn’t been such a vile and unpleasant woman. Poor Richard seemed to get it for no reason! Zoe

  12. What is it that is so special about live comedy that entitles the audience to heckle, under the impression that it’s all part of the fun? You’d get very short thrift doing that sort of thing in the ballet or at the theatre (‘A horse! A horse, my kingdom for a horse!’….’BOLLOCKS!’)This episode brings to mind when Jerry Seinfeld turns up at the place of work of a heckler and starts dishing out abuse at the way she is doing her job.

  13. It’s a shame when it happens but it’s not a new thing, and sometimes it’s hilarious. I once witnessed a very arrogant, tedious, loudmouthed someone attempting to heckle the great Alexei Sayle, at the time at his cutting best, at a student gig in the early eighties (when I was a student). ‘Lexei got stuck into the heckler to the extent of coming down off the stage and standing at the end of his row about six feet away and giving it the full works. Can you imagine? The poor fucker ended up leaving the room of his own accord, such was the nuclear strike that assaulted him. As Westwood is fond of saying “One heavy hit after another”.I wish I had a film of that, though the memory loop in my head is something I’ll never forget I think.

  14. I’ve watched the clip a couple of times and am really impressed by the way Mr Herrin completely turns it round. Really thinking on his feet.Would be interested to know what criteria the venue sets before sending in the bar stewards.

  15. I saw Tony Allen at the Concorde in Brighton well over a decade ago and there was a couple in the room who simply would not shut up for the poor chap’s entire set. They spoke in incredibly loud voices and ignored Allen’s every attempt to get them to be quiet, despite the rest of the crowd’s roars of approval. I’ve no idea why they weren’t escorted from the premises, but it completely ruined the evening to such an extent that it still makes me a bit annoyed (especially on behalf of Allen) just thinking about it now , much as this idiot appears to have done. I think Herring dealt with the sitution brilliantly, despite the look of genuine fury on his face – he showed real self control which I suppose comes with years of stage experience. What a trooper!

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