Where the fuck is my Tupperware?

A shoe up his ass
The Sopranos, Episode Six, Sentimental Education, written by Matthew Weiner, directed by – yes! – Peter Bogdanovitch, this one rolled out two important stories: Carmela’s fling with Bob (David Strathairn), and Tony Blundetto’s ultimate failure to go straight, setting up a massage “storefront” with his Korean boss. Both end in tears. Both end up being reeled back in by Tony Soprano, Carmela by his influence (Bob accuses her of “using” him to get better grades for AJ, which she actually wasn’t – she blames this on the fact that she was married to Tony: “My motives will always be called into question”), Blundetto by his cousin’s offer of some good, dishonest work – frankly, a lot less hassle than painting a massage parlour, passing an exam and installing a koi pond. It’s horrible to see Carmela treated so badly by her seemingly good-hearted academic boyfriend, and to see Blundetto violently lose it with his boss. Even when a plastic bag of money ($12,000) falls in his lap, he spends it all. This is a guy who needs looking after. But what will Tony do when he finds out that Carmela slept with AJ’s counsellor? He will receive worse than a shoe up his ass. (“Where the fuck is my Tupperware?”, yelled by Paulie at Vito, apropos of nothing important, may be one of this season’s finest lines so far.)

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