Goodbye, 5G


I include these shots from the 6 Music webcam because today was the last time I will broadcast from Studio 5G, Broadcasting House. As of next week, 6 Music is moving to new studios in an adjacent building called Western House. These new studios are mint, never been used before except for training. They also use a new playout system, which is a bit like the old one, but better. I fear change like everyone else, and I have sentimental feelings for 5G, as we’ve been broadcasting from it, as a network, since day one, four years ago. It is the first studio where I ever “drove the desk” (ie. press the buttons and move the faders and insert CDs into the drawers and cue them up, like proper DJs do). I was trained, somewhat improbably, by Chris Hawkins. (I only say improbably because he is a fellow presenter.) Anyway, these grabs show me and Richard Herring having a right old laugh at Daniella Westbrook or Margaret Beckett or Judas, based on stories about them in the Sunday newspapers. Notice my admiring face, looking over at Richard. This is obviously put on, to make him feel important, even though he doesn’t get paid very much money. You can see Mark, who is the programme’s BA (broadcast assistant) but he was being the producer today because Leona is taking some well-earned leave.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye, 5G

  1. If I’m to believe the date on your webcam pics you recorded yesterdays Sunday afternoon show on Sat Feb 9th (2002 I presume) at 1.39am! Well done to you and Rich for successfully predicting the news so far in advance. A right pair of Nostradami!

  2. Uninterestingly enough Mark Radcliffe’s webcam is also incorrect timewise and so is my answerphone which preceeds every message with a seemingly random but always funny time and date. It must be too late for the millennium bug so perhaps the machines are developing a dry sense of humour.

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