Let’s do it

Right. Anticipation has a habit to set you up for disappointment. So, without too much fanfare, Where Did It All Go Right? gets a new blog. For those who wish to read the archive of the online diary I wrote for 6 Music last year (April-December 2005) go here. This is a fresh start. The drawback with the 6 Music diary was that a) the BBC had to stress at the end of each entry that my views were not necessarily those of the corporation’s – which of course they’re not – and b) I had no access to it. I just delivered the words once a week and they were added to the site by someone with the accreditation and software to get under the bonnet. I became a passive observer of my own blog, unable without a palaver to go back in and tweak things. Or indeed to add a two-line ponder on a Tuesday evening about Larry David or coal tits.

This will work like a proper blog. I make no promises, having rested the previous one because I was too busy writing a sitcom (deadline May 2006) and a book (deadline July 2006) to give it my full weekly attention, but with the freedom to jot down thoughts any time I like, there’s hope.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s do it

  1. It would be nice to get an RSS feed of the blog. I can see it’s powered by Blogger but published to your own site.. so don’t know if that’s possible…I also re-discovered your old, old blog which I used to read, on and off. Cheers.

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